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Chances are that rakeback isn’t your passion. Poker might be your passion and rakeback might even be your favorite or predominant source of income, but do you love it?It’s hard for most to rise above the pack without being self driven, and it’s hard to get that kind of motivation if your not passionate about what it is that you’re doing.So why not start fresh? Make a website about fishing, skateboarding or collecting the world’s largest ball of chewed bubble gum. Install a wordpress blog – there’s many free themes and plugins and thousands of pages of well written documentation.Write about what you love, and create a community for people who share your interest. Be enthusiastic and have fun, learn to become more proficient and knowledgeable about this thing you love.THEN tell your new friends about rakeback. How the smart and hardworking player can profit and how the recreational player can get more mileage out of his leisure budget. Add some helpful links to explanations and articles on your PAS rakeback site. Remember, most people have never heard of rakeback and will never search it out.You can’t reach the whole world, but you can share your passion for poker with an audience who shares another passion of yours, and you can enjoy doing it!

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