Top 5 PAS Publisher Questions – Answered!

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1. How do I confirm Player Signups? 

The inclusion of player signups in PAS reporting is part of the 2015 PAS roadmap. Until this feature is released, please submit a Support Ticket or reach out to your Account Manager if you have any concerns regarding a signup and would like to request verification.

2. PAS does not have creatives for the offer I am promoting, how do I get them?

PAS strives to bring you the latest and highest converting banners for all your offers. If you find we are missing banners for an offer you are promoting, feel free to submit a Support Ticket to get these added. If you have specific size or language needs that are not being met for your promotional materials, these may be available by requesting through Support.

3. Which countries are eligible for this campaign?

When viewing offers to request from the Request Offers page in the Publisher Admin, you are able to view Eligible/Exclude country lists by clicking the offer logo or the star icon. If you have already requested an offer you may find the country list on the PAS Offer Review. If the offer does not have a review, please submit a Support Ticket or reach out to your Account Manager to get an updated list. Including the star icon on the Approved Offers page is also part of our 2015 project roadmap.

4. Why am I not seeing my stats/activity?

There are a few reasons why you many not see stats or activity on your offers.

There are a number of offers that are not currently on a daily import. If stats are not imported daily, they will not be available until the 10th of the following month. By the end of 2015 it is our goal to have ALL stats on daily imports.

If you are looking for CPA offer stats, the most common reason for not seeing any activity is that stats will only become available once a CPA has been triggered for that offer. Again, it is part of our project roadmap to add player signups to reporting. Once signups are added, you will be able to see CPA stats earlier in promotion.

The final reason for stats not showing is that no MGR or CPA stats have been generated yet for that month.

5. When am I getting paid?

Your payout date will vary depending on your cashout method. We currently are processing all publisher payments within a 15 day window from cashout. The fastest cashouts are being sent via bankwire, followed by moneybookers and neteller.