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PokerProLabs offers for affiliates
To beat the online game these days, players must do what they can to get an edge.

Over the last ten plus years, poker software that gives players information about their opponents has surged in popularity and become an essential part of the online game. Players ignore this fact suffer at their own peril – chances are the tougher competition is using this software or software like it.

Enter PokerProLabs, one of the premier poker software companies on the internet with one goal: of improving the poker skills and success rate of online poker players by giving them the tools to be successful.

PokerProLabs offers a truly impressive and essential set of tools for any online player – from the beginner to the multi-tabling professional to the sit-n-go and multi-table tournament grinder. Best of all, these products are accepted at most poker rooms.

As affiliates, giving players the tools and information they need to be successful should be one of our main goals.

Referring them to PokerProLabs will set them on the path to improve their games. And if making our players happier and more successful wasn’t enough, as affiliates you can receive 25% of all gross purchases made through PokerProLabs as long as your referrals remain a user.

PokerProLabs Highlights

Poker Calculator

The self-proclaimed “most accurate odds calculation system online,” the Poker Calculator runs over 10,000 simulations per second to give players an instant analysis on winning percentages, hand strength, odds and much more.

Cost: $49

Tournament Shark

With 30 million players tracked and over 500 million tournaments in their database, a tournament player will never again encounter a player of which they have no information.

Information is instantly retrieved from the other players at the table from the extensive database.

Cost: $19.99 for one month, $49.99 for six months, $69.99 for 12 months and $99.99 for 24 months.

Smart Buddy

This tool allows players to locate the players they want to keep track of, whether it’s their friends, a player to avoid or a favorite fish.

There is no limit to the number of players to monitor and every poker site is supported.

Cost: $12.99 for a month, $49.99 for a year and $79.99 for unlimited access.

Holdem Profiler

Players can generate in-depth stats from the hand histories that they gather while they play.

Analyze the strength of an opponents’ hands in real time is easy through the fully customizable HUD. Best of all, the information is stored in the Cloud so you will never run out of space on your hard drive.

Super HUD

Powered by PPL’s Hold’Em Profiler, Tournament Shark, and Poker Calculator, Super HUD may be the last and only Heads-up display your players will ever need.

Players can purchase the product at a variety of price points ranging from $12-$148.80, depending on the term of the subscription and the package chosen (Bronze, Silver or Gold).

Other products and features of Poker Pro Labs

Poker Odds Calculator: No-frills poker calculator, available on the PPL website

Tournament Updater: Allows you to collect Tournament summaries hassel-free

Online Tools: Include Player Search, Poker Players and Poker Table Finder

For further information on PokerProLabs features and offerings, go to the PokerProLabs website. Be sure to check out their video overviews on many of their products for a better of understanding of what PokerProLabs can do for your players.

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