Partypoker is continuously making steps to improve the equality of online gaming for its players. New additions to the Poker for the People campaign will come forth in the upcoming weeks. The Poker for the People campaign began earlier this year and focuses on promoting ethical and fair play.

The new improvements of partypoker’s software are due to constant development of third party online poker tracking software, one in particular: databases that share hand history. This tracking software can put players that do not have access to it, at a disadvantage and impact players’ gaming experience. Proactively, partypoker will introduce the following modifications of its software:

  1. Players will be able to view the last 12 months of their own hand histories within the Missions icon in the partypoker software, but hand histories will no longer be able to be downloaded and saved to their local devices
  2. Players wishing to wait for a cash game will join the room-wide waiting list and be randomly seated when a seat that matches their preference becomes available
  3. Players joining a cash game will see the names of their opponents only once their first hand is dealt

The acts of partypoker and its ongoing Poker for the People campaign goes to show that the brand truly cares about its players, and are aware of their great value.

Golan Shaked, Director of Games said “As part of our Poker for the People campaign, the partypoker team is committed to providing all poker players, regardless of experience or skill levels, with trusted poker products that are fair, ethical and fun.”

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