Party Poker Loyalty 2.0: Earn Status Faster


Cash is back and Party Poker has upped the value by 22.22%. On March 1st, Party Poker will release Loyalty 2.0, a loyalty program that allows players to throw out their calculators and use a system that makes it simpler to redeem points and faster to achieve higher statuses than ever before. Nothing has changed on how players earn points, they just get to unlock rewards sooner. For example, check out the new requirements for Party Poker Loyalty Levels below:

  • Bronze Loyalty Level: No points required.
  • Silver Loyalty Level: 50 points/month (previously 400/month)
  • Gold Loyalty Level: 750 points/month (previously 1,000/month
  • Palladium Loyalty Level: 2,000 points/month (previously 9,000/quarter)

Points currently in player accounts will not change on March 1st and can be used as usual. February points will count toward the new loyalty program requirements in March, so players with 50 points in February will be Silver status as of March 1st.

Some players will even be eligible to use their status level to earn extra points from March 1st through March 8th during the Loyalty Launcher promotion. Bronze and Silver players can earn cash rewards during this first week as they reach point level milestones, while Gold players will earn 25% extra points up to 200 points and Palladium players will earn 50% extra points up to 600 points.

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