How to add a Facebook Like button to your offers

Follow these steps to add a Facebook “Like” button to your PAS powered Rakeback website.

1. Log in to the PAS Publisher Admin, navigate to the CMS and open any of your Rakeback offer pages. For this example we will use the Full Tilt Poker offer page (/rakeback/full-tilt-poker.html)

2. Copy and paste the following HTML to where you want the “Like” button to appear (don’t forget to save the CMS Page):

3. (Optional) If you wish to add Google Analytics tracking to the “Like” URL, edit the “href” part of the iframe and enter your campaign tracking parameters.

Extra credit: If you want the Like button to appear on all of your site pages, just put the code anywhere on your Site layout page (layout/layout.html). The snippet will be smart enough to use the URL of the page the visitor is viewing.


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