Coral Poker Offer Update

On Friday, we reported that Coral Poker had finished their migration from the Ongame Network to the iPoker Network. We expected to be able to offer Coral Poker immediately. Unfortunately, there have been a few issues with the migration. One of those issues involves problems with affiliate tracking links. We do not have an affiliate link that will properly track all PAS publisher players to our affiliate account. We have also been unable to create all of the campaigns needed to track players to the PAS publisher that referred them. For this reason, we are still unable to offer Coral Poker on PAS at this time. We are working hard to resolve this and we are hopeful that we can have the offer live again next week.

This does not affect existing players in any way. All Coral Poker players tracked to PAS publishers are still correctly tracked. Publishers will receive full credit for these players just as they always have. While we are waiting to activate the Coral Poker again you may want to let your existing Coral Poker players know that they are eligible for a 200% up to $2000 first deposit bonus.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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