Who Does Your Business Depend Upon?

One of our biggest partners announced some changes this week that surprised, upset, scared and even outraged quite a few people. The simple truth is that these changes will likely have a real bottom line effect on many of our hardworking publishers. There isn’t much (if anything) most of us individually, or even all of us combined can do about this. A petition would probably be ignored, a boycott is unlikely to have a powerful enough effect to change policy and general complaining and venting won’t do a thing. The simple fact is Full Tilt Poker may not depend on you to survive, succeed or even prosper.A company that does what it does effectively can have this kind of power. If you have a really good product that people know about, you will do well, even if you make mistakes and mismanage your product on occasion. Do you depend on Full Tilt Poker to survive? What about the Cereus or Cake Poker network, or even Party Poker? Do you depend on Poker Affiliate Solutions?If the answer is yes, you will have to hope your partners continue to treat you well and perform their duties as expected, and you will probably have to worry a little bit. That’s OK, but it might not be ideal. If you take this opportunity to strengthen your products and services, on the other hand, maybe you won’t depend so much on the whims of others.If you can drive traffic to your website because it does something really well, better than anyone else can, then you can always turn a profit. In many ways, we at PAS depend on such people for our success. That’s why we spend so much time helping you succeed, improving our services and staying ahead of the curve.Perhaps, if you take this time to assess what you do and how you can do it better, in the future other businesses will depend on you.- Craig

A Radical Idea, Advertise Products You Use!

At PAS, we pride ourselves in giving you options. We’ve been adding a new rakeback offer almost every month and Tony has been working hard to bring you quality CPA and Revenue Share offers.Why so much choice? Well, I like to think it’s because we are providing you with a tool-set that is capable of crafting a wide range of possibilities. Sure grabbing every single possible offer available is one way to go, but it’s just that, one possibility among many.Consider Woot, a (successfull) site that dared to be different Amazon may sell kitchen sinks, books and electric drill chuck keys, but competing doesn’t necessarily mean offering a wider range of products. Maybe it means offering just a few products that are really appealing to a select demographic.Consider your choices. Perhaps add only those poker rooms you’ve played at or frequent. Stand behind your suggestions, offer tricks to navigate their software or analyze of the skill sets of the average player at that room. The bottom line is to choose a model that appeals to players you personally are capable of recruiting, servicing and soliciting recommendations from.This is not a one size fits all solution, but perhaps the size that fits you will fit the players who can identify and succeed with you!