PAS Tutorial: The header

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Welcome to my first entry in what will become a library of tutorials helping you get to know your Poker Affiliate Solutions rakeback skin.Headers are among the most simple elements to tailor and can go a long way toward making your skin unique, professional and even, for those who dare, eye popping.Locating the CodeThe code… Read more »

Features v. Pricing

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It used to be that, in the marketplace, you could compete on price or you could compete on other value added features. Examples include better product, better service, more features, etc. This is no longer the case. Now, you must have a better product with more features, the best customer service AND the lowest price…. Read more »

Following the Herd:

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I act on instincts. I can’t read an instruction manual to learn how to build something. I like to splay the pieces out on the floor and put them together where I think they make sense and use the instruction manual as a reference when I get stumped. This has been a fundamental foundation of… Read more »

Many Rake Tracker partners have set up special promotions to give you a chance to play in the Main Event and other side events. These partners include Ful Tilt, Ultimate Bet, Cake Poker, Bodog and Poker Stars. The Rake Tracker team will also be in Las Vegas during the Main Event. We look forward to… Read more »