PAS Tutorial: The header

Welcome to my first entry in what will become a library of tutorials helping you get to know your Poker Affiliate Solutions rakeback skin.Headers are among the most simple elements to tailor and can go a long way toward making your skin unique, professional and even, for those who dare, eye popping.Locating the CodeThe code for headers is located in the Skin CSS entry in your CMS root (root means you can see it right away, there is no need to expand any folders).By clicking on the pencil icon to the left of this entry you may behold the CSS Stylesheet in all its glory.The portion I will be working today should begin around line 70. In its unedited form it will look similar to the following:h1.pas { font-size : 20px; color : #2F65A8; border-bottom : 2px solid #2F65A8; width : 95%; } h2.pas { font-size : 16px; color : #7F7F7F; } h3.pas { font-size : 12px; font-weight : bold; color : #000; } What is it and what does it do?Headings are just what you would expect them to be, a larger bolder typeface that introduces or succinctly describes subsequent elements or text. Almost every page will have a large header at the very top indicating the contents of that page. For example: Welcome, My Account, Quick Statistics or Refferral Center.By default PAS uses three levels of headers, with header 1 being the largest of the three, and header 3 being the smallest.The html code seen on the page will look like the following:


The class in this example simply links it to the correct heading category in our stylesheet. You may recognize it from the earlier excerpt – “h1.pas”. Therefore, whenever we use h1 class=”pas”, it will get all the style elements in the h1.pas css style entry.All the largest or main headings are already defined as such for you. The practical implication of this is that by changing the style elements in the Skin CSS entry in your CMS, you can change the headings on each and every page in one go!Application and ExamplesIf your stylesheet is identical to the example above, the code


will result in a heading that looks like:Welcome

We can easily change the color by locating the Skin CSS entry for color. In this case “color : #2F65A8”. The color is expressed in a hexidecimal color code. You can use a variety of tools to translate a color into its hexidecimal code. A simple online color picker can be found at the color picker, I can now choose a bright shade of red and replace it with the existing color:h1.pas { font-size : 20px; color : #FF0000;border-bottom : 2px solid #2F65A8; width : 95%; } Now our headings look like the following:Welcome

You may have noticed our heading also has a border on the bottom. The border is 2 pixels wide (2px), it is a solid color (solid), and its color is blue (#2F65A8). By changing the color element to our bright red color code we can make it match our new bright red text.Now our headings look like the following:Welcome

Changing the border from solid to “dotted” will give us the following look:Welcome

Lets add a thin solid border to the top by inserting the following: border-top: 1px solid #FF0000.Welcome

We can change or remove the width tag to make the borders more narrow, and change the font size to make the font bigger or smaller.Welcome

Finally, we can add an entry for background color if we like: background-color: #F3F3F3; .Welcome

To review: your Skin CSS code now looks like this:h1.pas { font-size : 26px; color : #FF0000; background-color: #F3F3F3; border-bottom : 2px dotted #FF0000; border-top : 1px solid #FF0000; width : 50%; } Remember: When editing in any file be sure to save a backup first! The easiest way to do this is to just copy the entire contents of the orginal entry into notepad and save to a location where you won’t loose it. Every CSS entry must be inclused in brackets: h1.pas{ }. Each individual style entry must end in a semi-colon.I have included a few more examples to get you started.This Example has a dark background and border that make it look 3 dimensional.

font-size:16px;color: #ffffff;background-color: #3C5A93;border-top: 1px solid #4970B6;border-left: 1px solid #4970B6;border-bottom: 1px solid #26395E;border-right: 1px solid #26395E;Padding gives your text more room to breathe.

font-size:16px;color: #336600;background-color: #DBF5CF;border: 1px solid #83DF5B;padding:5px;Borders are not required

font-size:16px;color: #ffffff;background-color: #A6A6A6;Nor are bold fonts

font-size:24px;color: #DF7000;border-bottom:2px solid #838383;font-weight:normal;Headings can be Centered

font-size:24px;color: #408080;border-bottom:2px dashed #D1E9E9;text-align:center;Be Creative & Have fun!

font-size:20px;color: #FFFFB7;background color: #2E8C92;border-left:4px solid #1F6265;border-right:4px solid #1F6265;text-align:center;

Features v. Pricing

It used to be that, in the marketplace, you could compete on price or you could compete on other value added features. Examples include better product, better service, more features, etc. This is no longer the case. Now, you must have a better product with more features, the best customer service AND the lowest price.
This blanket statement may not hold true in the brick and morter world, but it is, no doubt, true online. Examine, for one, the king of the Internet, Google. Nearly all of their products are best in class with best in class features – adwords, adsense, gmail, analytics, feedburner and more. And they feature the best prices in all of their niches.
Sure, Adwords may be the most expensive in the search advertising space, but it more than makes up for it by being the best value.
As far as service is concerned, their products are so good and so complete that virtually no service is needed.
Content is often free. Email is often free. A myriad of Internet delivered services are free. And, on the Internet, best in class features and best in class pricing usually go hand in hand.
Poker Affiliate Solutions has taken these lessons to heart. No one else offers turnkey rakeback software completely branded to the publisher. Period. But we didn’t stop there. No one else offers better payout rates to publishers than PAS does either. Best in class features, best in class pricing – we’re learning from the Internet.
Note: Poker Affiliate Solutions is completely free to set-up. Best in class pricing means the highest payout rates TO THE PUBLISHER!

Following the Herd:

I act on instincts. I can’t read an instruction manual to learn how to build something. I like to splay the pieces out on the floor and put them together where I think they make sense and use the instruction manual as a reference when I get stumped. This has been a fundamental foundation of who I am. My company’s fundamental foundation looks like this: We develop products that provide value to our end user and our vendors and we monetize that relationship through affiliate marketing.

What does that preface have to do with this post? Who I am has ultimately sculpted a large portion of who my company is. My instinctual nature by definition makes me think outside of the box, because I don’t look to even realize that a box exists. My core wants to provide a product with lasting value so that it can be improved, enhanced and capture loyal customers. Most of the advice I see or hear about affiliate marketing involves some variation of “content is king” and “SEO”. I get so tired of seeing those tenants that I felt compelled to write this post.

I am not saying those two things need to be completely ignored, as many people make a terrific living concentrating on those two sayings. But I see far too much one size fits all advice and herd mentality in the poker affiliate industry. I am here to say that content is king and seo being the only way to make a living in affiliate marketing is crap. I have developed multiple websites, including an affiliate network, that, combined, have over 250,000 registered users and 10 employees. I have been one of the top 5 poker affiliate marketers over the past 4 years. This may scare people to know: although I use content to explain what our websites are doing, I didn’t employ one SEO type tactic on my sites until late last year. We made a hire to help with content. However, I still prefer that his role isn’t writing content for SEO friendliness that no one reads. I don’t care that it may help with the SERPs. The idea of doing something that no one will read or use and only exists for a robot to find is preposterous to me.

After saying all that, please reference my statement regarding my company’s fundamental foundation, defining our against the grain focus.

I have a core problem with writing content to beat the search engine at its search functionality. It seems very disingenuous to me. I am here to tell you content is not king and SEO is not nearly as important as you think in Internet marketing.

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