Stop Trying to Be a Perfect Online Poker Marketer

Most people are driven by fear and greed. If you play online poker, you can see it very acutely. Fear can overpower, then, within seconds, greed can consume you.But not as many people realize the same exact thing can happen in a poker affiliate business. One minute you think you are taking over the online poker marketing space, the next you wonder if you will be able to eek out a living.One way that this fear can manifest itself is perfectionism. If you constantly try to make everything perfect, you will never produce anything. Because nothing ever is perfect. Nothing. Ever.So stop trying to make it perfect and keep trying to make it better.Perfectionism comes from a fear of what other people will think of us or what we will think of ourselves. As hard as it is, realize that it’s none of your business what other people think of you. And realize it doesn’t f***ing matter anyway.What you think of yourself is very important. That’s why putting forth your best effort in you poker marketing business is crucial. Once you can do that, you will be a success.We know this because we lived through it ourselves. The software behind Poker Affiliate Solutions was literally years in the making. We resisted a formal web presence because we “didn’t think it was ready.” But it was better than good enough. It was great. Is great. Anything that can power another person’s business and literally make them hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars is GREAT.Is it perfect, no. Will it ever be perfect? Probably not. But we have a whole office of people working on it to make it better. And that’s all we can do.The results, when we finally launched the PAS website, have been overwhelming. Requests have poured in. That shows that once you put aside your fears and let your best efforts be known to all, you will then have the chance to succeed.

Monte Carlo Hotel Fire in Las Vegas

That is not a small fire. Initial reports are saying that no one is hurt or trapped. Hopefully that holds up.

problem solving vs. blame assessment

There was a recent issue at PAS. This problem was caused by many factors. It was not one or two individuals fault, but rather a symptomatic result of doing too much with too little and a dash of Murphy’s Law. We have seen these shortcomings and have increased our staff by almost 50% in the last 6 months, with several more hires on the near horizon. New people means training, understanding how each other works, establishing goals, and holding people accountable. In short, MANAGEMENT.The jury is still out on my management abilities, but I am confident in my ability to problem solve, develop profitable business ideas, and inspire those around me. I have identified my management deficiencies and am fortunate enough to have the money to hire someone to take that task over for me. A key for my success is identifying my talents and exploiting them while identifying my weaknesses and finding people who can complement my skill set.That being said, I still want to improve on my management skills. And since I am now a cool blogger, what better place than here? Hopefully I can objectively relay what just happened and see if anyone (if we have readers yet?!?!) has any feedback.Our emails and helpdesk tickets are a good system check for us. If something is wrong with our software systems, our users generally find it instantly. We have a protocol we run through when a player states he is not tracked. Often the player signed up incorrectly and there is little or nothing we can do. But when several emails come in regarding the same issue, red flags go up. We look at the issue and solve it. Then get back to our forward looking projects until another fire comes up.When a recent flurry of emails came in, I knew something was wrong on our technical stats importing side. I contacted the people who know that aspect of our business and asked if they were aware of stats issues. We have been working on a new set of importers that may have caused the glitches. I, or so I thought, relayed this issue and took for granted that they could troubleshoot the problem by importing the stats that were missing.I don’t care who, how, or why it happened. There was a problem with our importers which caused a problem with out stats reporting. I just wanted it fixed so business could continue.I am analyzing how I dealt with this issue. I would like it, and we are big enough now, so that an issue like this doesn’t need to find its way to me. However, it did. I am unsure if I reacted to it aggressively or assertively.So my question is: When there is a problem that shouldn’t have found its way to the top, but did, and needs immediate fixing, is it inappropriate to say, “Fix this problem immediately. I’m not interested in excuses or explanations, nor am I assessing blame. I just need it fixed – now.”The interesting thing is, as I read what I have written, I now know that I reacted to it appropriately. I like blogging.GO GIANTS

Just bought the Dell 3007WFP

I couldnt resist and had to do overnight shipping. Hopefully i will get this setup soon and take some pictures of my setup.

Creating Goals for Your Poker Affiliate Business

Poker Affiliate Goals

Poker Affiliate Solutions has crafted our goals for 2008. When planning, we kept in mind the SMART method, and think that is valuable and necessary for anyone planning out business objectives.

S: SpecificAn overall vision is a necessary place to start, but goals need to be specific. Get more business is not enough. Continue to grow is not enough. So we have put specific targets on each of our business lines:,, and Poker Affiliate Solutions. We would like and have said things like: Maintain a top three position, be again known as the industry leader, equal our top competitor, etc. But these things are not enough.M: MeasurableBecause they are not enough, we put numbers on these things. A top three position is not measurable for certain. Neither is great customer service or being equal to our top competitor in this area. However, just because your vision and “specific” goal doesn’t equal measurable doesn’t mean you need to find a new goal – it simply means finding a new way to make it measurable.

  • CS Email response time.
  • Search engine rankings
  • Forum posts – by us and by others about us
  • Overall customer count broken out amongst various product segments
  • Overall revenue and revenue by product line
  • New initiative roll out time

A: Attainable”One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can barely achieve through one’s greatest efforts.” – Albert EinsteinThey key is to not set the bar too low. We should rather set it very high and miss by a little than set it too low and lose motivation somewhere along the line. However, incremental goals, which must also be part of the plan, must be relatively sure attains.The next R is relevant, but it could also be realistic. We aren’t going to master everything tomorrow. Constant progress not just in hitting goals, but in improving our process and outlook is a must.R: RelevantRelevant actually is realistic to some degree. We must focus on what we do well. Our goals must be aligned with what we are doing now. There is no need to veer off unnecessarily.This isn’t to say new ventures, new products, or new business lines aren’t important or shouldn’t be part of an overall plan. It is simply to state that goals for those things should be relevant just to them. Goals for specific areas of the business should stay within their area. Once each is defined, it can be put together with a SWOT analysis to determine which has priority and where resources should be allocated. Then, the list of goals can be redefined in order to help out the relevant and attainable pieces.For example, we know we are the best at providing software solutions to poker affiliates wanting to offer rakeback. That makes it far easier to create relevant and attainable goals.T: Time BasedWithout a due date for both overall, and for incremental pieces, a goal might as well be a dream.Good luck with your goal planning.

Affiliate Speedpay

Jeremy Enke is right – it is absurd that most poker affiliates are paid their earnings via player accounts. Many poker affiliates have sizable businesses, demanding accurate, real-time accounting for operations and tax purposes. Paying into a player account is fine for an industry that just started, but unacceptable for one that has grown up (or should have grown up) that way that online poker has.However, waiting weeks or months for a check or wire is less an issue of the poker sites, more an issue of the US governments policies. I don’t say laws, because there are none, at the Federal level, where poker is concerned. But that is a discussion for another post.Therefore, the question becomes: Are US financial institutions going to find a way to cut ties with FBME? Let’s be honest – it’s not Citi or Wells Fargo.I suppose I shouldn’t speak too soon. I don’t know FBME other than what I’ve gathered from their website and a few google searches. So it’s hard to say. But that is my biggest concern.Our CEO Chris put a few other issues up on Jeremy’s Blog.

  1. What about currency exchange?
  2. Wire Fees
  3. $ Back to the Rooms

Chris,To answer Q2 – standard and reasonable. The others still need answering. Currency X is an important one obviously. It appears that ASP is looking to make most of their money from affiliates withdrawing from debit cards – .6% fee and, obviously, from the interest on cash that sits in the accounts. FBME cuts them back a % I’m sure.U.S. Affiliates,Be aware that you need to file an IRS form on your foreign bank accounts. It’s no big deal. I believe the correct one is TD F 90-22.1 Check with your accountant though.Byron

Rake Calculation Information

You should be ready to field questions from your players about how rake is calculated, what it means, and which sites use which methods. These numbers are obviously important because they ultimately play a role in determining MGR.
Calculating rake is done via two major methods – dealt and contributed. However, the two types of contributed rake are different enough that they need to be explained as two different categories: average contributed and weighted contributed.
Dealt Cards:Under the dealt method you are allocated an equal share of the total hand rake assuming you are dealt cards. You are deemed to have contributed to the pot by being present, even if you fold pre-flop. If a six-handed game produces $3 in rake each player is allocated $.50 of it for purposes of determining MGR. Sites using this method include Full Tilt Poker and InterPoker.Average Contributed:Even though it is contributed, it is actually similar to Dealt in that the rake is split evenly – amongst players who contribute to the pot. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how much you contribute. It just matters that you contribute. Folding pre-flop without contributing to the pot (no BB or SB) means your rake consideration is zero. If you contribute $3 to a $600 pot, 3 people contributed something and the total rake is $3, your allocation is $1 or a third. Weighted Contributed:The weighted proportion of the pot is the proportion of rake you will receive. If you put in 0% of the pot, you get 0% of the rake. 50% contribution gets 50% of the total rake. Absolute Poker uses this method.

Why We Have This Blog,,, and all of the rest of our properties have been around years. Raketracker, the business was born in 2003. Raketracker, the website, began back in 2004.All the work we have done for years has come together in Poker Affiliate Solutions. If you are a poker affiliate, it’s a site you should know about. And we are also interested in opening up a window to our company. That’s why we started this blog.