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We wanted to let PAS publishers know that the PAS forum has closed effective Thursday, August 2nd. This decision was made so that the PAS team can refocus its efforts and resources elsewhere within the PAS network rather than maintaining the forum community, which is not our core competency.

We feel strongly that our resources are best applied towards other aspects of PAS, such as improving customer service response times, publisher management quality, and improving the PAS affiliate network itself. We are fully dedicated to these initiatives and are confident that publishers will find the improvements to the PAS experience to be a net positive.

After Thursday, you will be able to access some of the more popular reference content from the Docs page, which will be accessible from the top menu on PAS. If you would like to access content from any additional threads or posts, please contact us and we will make these available as well.

PAS publishers wishing to voice feedback or concerns may continue do so via comments in the blog or via the helpdesk, to which we are making efforts to significantly improve. Members of the PAS staff will continue to be available as normal.

We appreciate your understanding on this change and look forward to improving the PAS affiliate network for our publishers and publishers’ players.

If you have any comments you would like to share, please contact us.

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  1. Smoking
    Smoking says:

    I think closing the forum is a terrible idea or plan.We are a group of publishers that need help or are helping each other.
    many even did cross promoting of other Publishers sites!. Now we have lost that due to the forum closing ( and so suddenly)

  2. guljo - slorakeback
    guljo - slorakeback says:

    I liked the forum a lot, got may infos without talking to support. Lets see what comes out of it, but for sure I ll be missing it.

  3. desi115
    desi115 says:

    Should bring back the forum and even leave it for chat/advice between publishers. I know there wasn’t a great deal of posts on it, but surely it would be a positive thing to have?

  4. gregnice
    gregnice says:

    Of course this is a horrible decision. You could let users help each other which would lessen your support requests. Probably just a sign of you guys cutting costs and letting this business slowly whither.

    And here’s the funny part:

    I’ve sent an email into support through your ‘contact us’ link over a week ago, and I still have no answer to my question. So much for “improving customer support response times”.

  5. gregnice
    gregnice says:

    Support actually responded to me just after I made the post, which was unfortunate because maybe I jumped the gun in writing it.

  6. Brokerstar
    Brokerstar says:

    Payments taking forever, forum closing so that people can’t discuss what’s going on? The future seems to be looking bleak and I’m guessing the company is going under?

    Time to figure out how to get all the pages for the site onto my own server by the looks of it. I guess nothing lasts forever. 🙁

  7. GonzoPAS
    GonzoPAS says:


    I looked For your support ticket about this issue but I couldn’t find it except for the one you posted right before this message. I see that Brian has responded to you, and I have responded as well.

    I look forwarded to this getting resolved ASAP.


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