Happy Holidays from PAS

[singlepic=9,220,120,,right]In the states, as in many other places around the world, we are celebrating the years biggest holiday this week. This Christmas season signals the end of a profitable and productive year at Poker Affiliate Solutions.Poker Affiliate Solutions has grown in the literal sense this year, as we moved to a bigger office and added several employees to our roster. It’s also been a banner year for the design department in particular, as we’ve released a new version of our website and designed a complete set of interfaces for our new software to be released sometime in 2010.Our list of clients has continued to grow steadily, and I’ve had the privilege of meeting many more new publishers from all reaches of the globe. I continue to be astonished by the creativity, hard work and sheer diversity of our customer base. On behalf of everyone at Poker Affiliate Solutions, it’s been a great pleasure working with all of you this year and we are grateful that you’ve chosen to work with us.Whether you are celebrating a specific seasonal holiday or not, we would like to wish you a relaxing, enjoyable, and safe start to the new year and many profitable months to come!CraigPAS Design Departmentat the christmas party: jordan, jose, jill, and herb enjoy some wii mario cart

Goals VS Expectations

Publishers with expectations rarely do well.They expect that when they make a website people will come. That when people come, they will sign up. That when they sign up they will play. That when they play, they will tell friends.When people fail to come these publishers are disappointed. When visitors fail to sign up, they get frustrated. When signups fail to play they get angry and when players don’t bring friends, they give up.Publishers with goals have a real chance at success.When the players don’t come, sign up, play and refer friends as planned they recognize that it is themselves who have failed. They adjust their strategy, ask for help, look to others who have succeeded, work harder and thus give themselves a chance to succeed.What are your expectations?What are your goals?CraigPAS Design Dept

Start with a Plan

Learning to use HTML while attempting website design on the fly can be a monumental and intimidating task. When planning a project, it’s usually best to first do just that, plan.You don’t need advanced technical skills to make a blueprint. You just need vision, creativity, patience and the right tools. Wireframes Magazine chronicles many simple ways to organize your ideas into a blueprint for a website. There are so many methods that you can choose the one (or several) that works best for you.Once you are able to illustrate your plans with a basic wireframe, you can target specific manageable elements to implement yourself, or easily communicate your ideas to a potential designer, developer or partner.Try some of the tools, come back, and let us know how they worked!

Tip 36: Learn from the little things

Small things can tell you a lot about the big picture. Has your first member signed up yet? Have you sent him a personal greeting? How did he find your site? What poker site does he play at? What does he like or dislike about your website or the poker site he plays at.Most of us have to start out a new venture on a very small scale. Closely looking at an individual sign up, tracker or visitor may offer clues regarding how to attract the next hundred, thousand or hundred thousand visitors. It is those marketers who can discover, evaulate and capitilize on these small clues that will be the next to make the big money.