€10,000 Betfair June Rake Race



  • Start: June 1st, 2017
  • End: June 30th, 2017
  • Prize Pool: €10,000
  • Placements Paid: 50
  • Est. Payout Date: July 8th, 2017
  • Payout Method: Player Account
  • Terms: What can I win?
    This promotion holds a fixed prize pool of €10,000 of which €9,000 will be distributed amongst the top 20 players. The remaining €1,000 will be allocated to an All-In Freeroll that the top 50 players will qualify for. In the case of a tie between player’s leader board points, all players with an equal number of points will be issued the average amount of the corresponding prize ranks. The Freeroll will take place on 1st July at 8pm
    How does it work?

    Players are ranked on ‘Status Points’ earned during the month on Betfair Poker cash and tournament tables. The higher your rank on the leader board, the bigger the cash prize you’ll earn.

    Status Points are calculated as follows: Cash/Ring Games = 25 Status Points are awarded for every €1 of rake paid. Sit 'n' Go Tournaments = 25 Status Points are awarded for every €1 paid in fees. Multi-Table Tournaments = 25 Status Points are awarded for every €1 paid in fees.

    Betfair Poker reserves the right to modify the terms of this promotion or to discontinue it at any time.

    Who can take part?
    All Players will automatically be opted-in to the rake race if your player account is associated to PAS.net, YourPokerCash or any other affiliate partner. To check if you are eligible to participate with your current betfair account, email Sam at sbrimacomb@fourcubed.com and request confirmation by providing your Account Name and Email address associated to betfair
    *** Must be using the betfair 55% Rakeback Campaign in order to participate

    How do I take part?
    Simply earn Status Points in Betfair Poker cash games or tournaments to appear on the leader board. There is no opt-in requirement to participate.

Last Update: July 3rd, 2017
1imaluckbox777207631€ 2000
2HakunaMa7a7a200029€ 1500
3hardaction77176129€ 1000
4RAAAMBOOO171076€ 750
5teketeketeke163788€ 750
6bergueda38161578€ 500
7LLevoLasNueces154108€ 500
8LaurekasAA131238€ 300
9mavriickkk127050€ 250
10BackDoorNutDraw118217€ 200
11N1njaaaa111420€ 150
12TTR470510958102705€ 150
13Quling101128€ 150
14EdwardKenwey100923€ 150
15daronba100172€ 150
16PawDynamique93991€ 100
175454ee93112€ 100
18blubblub196390417€ 100
19ImLostOnRiver87970€ 100
20RBARX85140€ 100
1€ 400
2€ 230
3€ 120
4€ 70
5€ 55
6€ 45
7€ 35
8€ 25
9€ 20