The entire Cake Poker network is offering a $150,000 rake chase in the month of April. These races will be split up amongst 4 weekly $25,000 races in addition to a $50,000 race that will run the entire month. This promotion should have huge value for your existing players and be a great selling point for new players. Combined with Poker Affiliate Solutions own $60k in promos at Cake Poker that is a total of $210,000 in rake races at Cake Poker in the month of April.Whats the best way to get this news out to your players? Communicate with them directly. Make a news post on your website. Send out a newsletter to all of your players. Update your Facebook and Twitter status (assuming you have one for your rakeback website. If you don’t you should!).Keep in mind that Players Only is leaving the Cake network and moving to the Merge network in April. There will be a lot of Players Only players looking for rakeback deals on the Cake network and this will be a great time to pick them up.If you have any other questions or comments feel free to join our Poker Affiliate Forum.

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